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TEXTured Literacy Project

The Connecticut Children's Museum makes custom-made, tactual TEXTured Literacy ProjectŠ Story Kits for children who are blind or visually impaired. These boxes are individually designed and produced by the Connecticut Children's Museum, Inc. under the name the TEXTured Literacy ProjectŠ.

A TEXTured Literacy ProjectŠ Story Kit is packaged in a custom-made, child-sized and accessible cardboard box with carrying handles and a special easy-open feature. The Story Kit contains a high-quality children's picture book that has been transcribed into Braille, or a print book, depending on the needs of the child. Included is a specially-selected collection of real objects and interactive activity items that illustrate the concepts and give dimension to the story line of the book. Some kits also contain a custom-recorded CD with sound effects from the story.

Click the book title to view the TEXTured Literacy ProjectŠ Story Kit: